Network and participate with healer and reader practitioners to receive spiritual guidance and blessings. Also visit the vendor marketplace for unique gifts.


Infinite Possibilities H C Festival May 8, 9 and 10 2020

Location to be announced

$5.00 at the gate, AS ALWAYS Kids 12 and under are FREE!



The Infinite Possibilities Expo offers creators, educators, makers and performers a chance to share their art with the world.

Join the fun as a roving or visual performer, musician, artist, or vendor.

If you would like to get involved with the production of the event there are many opportunities available including onsite, pre-fest and after-show volunteer slots.  Be part of a community of creative, like-minded, fun-loving others who bring life to Utah’s most unique events. 

Check out the participation categories below to apply


We have space for vendors of all kinds. Apply here if you have quality clothing, gift, craft and dry good items that would appeal to a diverse Higher Consciousness and health-minded audience. 


You can pay your vendor fees here with Paypal


Volunteer at A Infinite Possibilities Event ! an incredible behind-the-scenes adventure! 






If you are interested in getting your brand in the hands of fans who prefer a conscious lifestyle send us a note and a A Infinite Possibilities Event ! representative will get in touch right away. 



Over the years we have enjoyed using Essential Oils.   In our testing period we’ve enjoyed asking friends and family to try our single oils and blends and love hearing their stories on what works and what hasn’t.  We have been asked to expand and so we are taking the leap and offering our high quality choices of Oils


We are a family operated business and enjoy the time we get to spend together.  Our children are at a point in their lives where they are graduating and deciding what roads they are going to take and we are excited to see what life long journeys they have ahead of them.  We have one that is married with children and they are our pride and joy.  We are blessed.


Honeybee Nature School

The mission of Honeybee Nature School is to provide learning opportunities through hands-on experience and connecting with nature. The learning environment at Honeybee Nature School is based on outdoor learning and nature immersion. 

Outdoor learning encourages awareness of the surrounding world, understanding of the earth and how things work. Children are encouraged and guided as they explore, discover, and learn to problem solve on their own. When children are given the freedom to express themselves and to approach learning in a way that suites them, they develop great self- confidence and self-esteem. 

Anxiety about the unknown diminishes while curiosity and the courage to try new things excels. At Honeybee Nature School children are given the chance to discover their likes, dislikes and their own unique styles. Rather than setting boundaries and rules within a confined space, children are given the chance to create their own boundaries and rules based on logic and thinking rather than adult authority. Flexibility inspires creativity and the desire to learn more. When a child discovers a passion or interest in something, that is the time to pursue it and to encourage them!


MiraculousLife, Inc.

I AM a Medicine Man.  Medicine comes in many forms and can be exceedingly complex or ridiculously simple.  Sometimes Medicine looks like herbs and oils blended into a salve, tea, or tincture.  Other times Medicine looks like stones and crystals and time in nature.  Medicine can be tuning into and cultivating the subtle energies within and around us to activate healing and insight.  Medicine can be dialogue and song around a campfire or within a Sanctuary.

~ Make Your Life A Living Miracle ~

Good and True Medicine Heals Completely, Permanently, and Harmonizes with your body’s systems and cycles.  For eons humans lived in harmony with the Earth Mother and were wise Stewards and Conscious Consumers of her bounty.

Pure Oils

We sell a variety of plug in aroma lamps, essential oils, electric aroma lamps, unique night lights, and scentsy. Our oils are 100% pure with many benefits

We are a family owned business. We believe in honesty and integrity. We will strive to bring you the best products of the highest quality.

Balloon Lady Diana

A fabulous day is a twisted day. Bring a little twist to your party.

I love what I do and I show it in my work and attitude.

Balloon Lady Diana

Balloon twisting and cotton candy machine, providing events and parties with fun and fabulous entertainment,personal parties, reunions, birthdays, fundraisers, Corp events.

Mermaids of the Great Salt Lake

Mermaids of the Great Salt Lake was founded by MerQueen Lei Loni and is owned and operated by Lady Aine.

We were founded in 2011 which makes us the first group of our kind in the Salt Lake Area.

Our mission is to prove that anyone can achieve their dreams. We feel that it is important for everyone to feel empowered to dream and achieve anything regardless of their age, shape, size, or background.

 We love showing that magic and enchantment still exist!

We can often be found at Fairs, conventions, events, and parties. You may even find us swimming at a local pool or lounging at a nearby fountain! 

You can hire us for many different types of events. We do not have to have water to appear. If you do want water, and you don’t have a pool, we do have pools that we can bring to you. Or we can have a swim party at one of the local public pools, even in the winter!

We’re here to prove that everyone can achieve their dreams. Let us help you achieve yours!

Keep Me Safe Organics

Dedicated to your health.

Our mission is to keep you and your family safe with our products and safe in business. We aim to promote and encourage individual success and growth that adds value to the world. We are committed to toxic free ingredients and no harsh chemicals. Our number one priority is the safety of our products on your family’s skin. We want to lead with love and ensure that no person sacrifices time with their family to make money. At Keep Me Safe we encourage you to not just talk about bringing your child to work with you, but we encourage you to incorporate your children into income earning play dates with other families. Our vision is to create magical moments and memories with those you love and cherish the most. Keep Me Safe is a safe landing place and a beautiful company to build your dreams. Our policies and procedures are simple and so is our state of the art compensation plan.

Keep Me Safe Organics

Unlike corporate America, Keep Me Safe has no glass ceiling of income earning potential. The heartbeat of our business are our advocates. We strive to create an environment where customers are satisfied and our advocates are valued, loved and successful in reaching their goals.

The world is changing and we are on the cutting edge of that change. We don’t want to see any person have to sacrifice those precious moments with family to build a beautiful income. That is our commitment to you and your family.

Expand with Julius

Kasey, Brad & Julius

Expand with Julius offers online programming, Retreats and workshops( at their own facility in Southern Utah), Channeled Readings, The Julius Academy( a group of like minded students from all over the world) all for the Spiritually conscious seeker to learn, grow and develop and expand at their own pace, on their own terms. WE teach YOU are the powerful being who has forgotten itself, and you are looking for your ownself for the remembrance of that.

More information can be found at WWW.ExpandwithJulius